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Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Trip to the Beach

Today we decided since it was 90 degrees, that it was the perfect day to head to Grand Haven....as did everyone else who lives in Michigan. Whew! After getting a "great" parking spot north of town, we loaded everything into the stroller, slathered ourselves in sunscreen (obviously missing some areas as I am burnt to a crisp in a few places as I write this) and joined the single file line of bikers, strollers, skateboarders and slow old people on the boardwalk! We made it to the beach to find the red flag waiving, signaling "do not swim".... apparently us as well as 2.4 million others did not see the flag! It was windy!

Hannah was loving the sunshine and the people! Mom was freaking out a little reapplying baby sunscreen every 5 minutes! We changed her into her bathing suit from Aunt Mary... she was the cutest thing on the beach!

And of course we had to dip her toes in Lake Michigan for the first time. It was a bit cold and the waves were crashing in pretty loudly... and she hated it!

And even after we took her out and headed back to our spot in the sand she still hated it! So we packed up the screaming baby and joined the single file line back to our truck. On the way back to we stopped in a shady spot to watch a memorial service of a USCG veteran. It was a small group of people sitting in the shade sharing stories about this man, followed by a 21 gun salute and taps. It was a unexpected moment that was a privilege of sorts to share with a few other people who stopped to see what was happening as well. And by this time, our Hannah Banana was napping in the shade!

We decided next time it's that hot we're going to buy a kiddie pool.