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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7 Months

Our little "pumpkin" is already 7 months!

She's beginning to be more independent; playing by herself for periods of time and falling asleep in her crib by herself.

Jumping is her favorite thing... whether in her Jumparoo or when anyone holds her standing up!

A few days ago I watched her lying on her stomach tucking her knees under her. She'll be crawling before we know it!

She talks non stop...either high pitched noises or just plain loud! If she's not talking she's growling... we're not sure where she picked that up.

Her laugh is our favorite thing ever! Whether when she's being tickled or playing "peek-a-boo" with her dad, she cracks herself and us up.

We've been introducing more and more new foods to her. The only thing we've found she doesn't like is "turkey with gravy" baby food. But it does smell like cat food, so who could blame her? She tried a couple bites of it, but decided she just wasn't going to open her mouth until I put something else on the spoon! She likes to snack on graham crackers and is learning to drink water from a sippy cup.

At 7 months, she is finally in a size 2 diaper, wearing all 6-9 month clothes, weighs 16lbs and is still perfect in every way!

I think she's had enough of the hat and pictures!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

6 Months!

Miss Hannah Banana has been with us for 1/2 a year! Everyday she captures our hearts a little bit more! This month has been a big month for her. She's such a little person now! Each day is something new in this adventure.

No teeth yet, but she's drooling more and like normal, EVERYTHING goes into her mouth! Mostly her feet these days. She started sucking on her lower lip.

She's such a happy girl! In the past few weeks she's become such a daddy's girl. She watches his every move and flashes her big smiles anytime he looks at her. I love seeing the two of them cuddle in the mornings while I take a shower. They have their own special games and songs they play with each other.

She continues to eat very well. We started giving her slices of bananas, apples and peaches in her mesh feeder. But don't take it away before she's finished! She also started getting formula while she's at Grandma Bodell's during the week.
She's becoming much more vocal. She repeats syllables... mamama, dadadada, babababa. We're glad the shrill screaming phase is over!
Hannah had a lot of firsts in the past month....
She goes in the nursery at church, hence the vocal part above!

Hannah also stayed in her first hotel on our trip to Georgia. We stayed in the same hotel her dad did while he was growing up and took trips to Michigan from Georgia.
She had her first dip in the pool. It was something I really wanted to do while we were on vacation. It was past her bedtime but we tried anyway. She loved it!

It was also her first road trip! All the way to Georgia! To meet her friend Paul. Paul's dad, Chad and Mike grew up next door to each other. Paul was born only 3 hours after Hannah. We love visiting with the Spence's and now it's even more fun with the kiddos!

Me, Hannah, Jessica (Chad's sister), her son Colin (one month older than the other two), Martha and Paul. It was a houseful..so much fun with the babies!
And with that, I'll wrap it up... I think Hannah is getting bored!