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Sunday, June 28, 2009

3 Months

We didn't get a full body shot because Hannah wasn't in a very happy mood tonight. We'll have to take one in the morning!

At three months you:

-wear all 3-6 month clothes

- weigh just over 10 lbs and are 25 inches long... tall and skinny!

- "talk" all the time

- sleep through the whole night 9pm - 6am-ish

- once in awhile you'll giggle at your dad and when you're really happy you stiffen your arms out and kick your legs

- definitely know who your mama and daddy are... you watch us walk around the house and are just starting to notice Luke, the dog.

-love to go shopping and just look at all of the fun things

- your favorite thing to do is sit in your bouncy seat and watch TV... it keeps you occupied while Mom makes dinner

- LOVE to be outside

You don't like:

- being hot

- to lay down when you're awake, you want to be sitting up looking around

New places you've been:

- to work with mom

- spending Fridays with Grandma Rosenberger and even spending another night there

- open houses to meet more family and friends

-to the cabin (didn't work out so hot though!)

In the past few weeks Hannah has become more "independent". She doesn't always have to be held and can entertain herself in her bouncy seat. She's developing her own personality of sorts...such a happy baby almost all the time!


Becki and Tony Doornbos said...

So beautiful.. even when she cries.. It is so heartbreaking though. It's fun to read your "Hannah Blogs".